Acoustic Drum Set vs Electronic Drum

When you want to be a drummer, you have an initial choice whether to buy an acoustic drum set or an electronic drum set. That isn’t to say that you cannot own both – you certainly can do that – but your budget probably doesn’t stretch to buying both at the beginning of your music career. Or, when you’re just wanting to learn to play the drums and aren’t sure if you even want a musician’s career just yet. Many different types of electronic drum sets available at, and you have to check major difference between acoustic drum and electronic drum on this site.

Advantages of Acoustic Drum Sets

Acoustic drum sets look like the real deal because they are. There’s nothing too modern and technological about this type of drum set. The sounds are true. There’s no poor digital synthesis to worry about. It’s right there in front of you. You just have to know how to play to get the most out of each drum and the drum set in full.

Disadvantages of Acoustic Drum Sets

Acoustic drum kits are very large and heavy. A couple of drums require one person to carry them. Usually they must be packed in separate bags to protect them. They’re also easily damaged during transit and not easy to replace one particular sized drum at the last minute before a concept.

They’re also not digital, so a microphone is required to pick up their sound output. It is not digital that can easily be fed to an amplifier or into a laptop for digital music. The sound cannot be transferred to a headset to listen to without disturbing others either. They’re also 2-3 times costlier than an entry-level drum kit too.

Advantages of Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drum kits are more compact. They’re easier to setup and take up less space in a practice room, a garage or a bedroom. They’re also much less expensive than an acoustic drum kit. It’s possible to get a better-quality electronic kit for the same price as a basic acoustic drum kit where you’ll need to replace the cymbals quickly because of their disappointing quality at that level.

The electronic type can play through to either an external amplifier or headphones. Using headphones means that you don’t disturb anyone when practicing if you don’t want to. The digital output can be sent to a laptop and a music studio package to record the live drumming and add it to a track that you’ve putting together. Doing this with an acoustic drum kit requires a condenser mic and stand pointed towards one or more drums to get anything close to the same sound reproduction. Also, because its digital, a sound theme can be used with the drums to make them sound more appropriate with different types of music.

Disadvantages of Electronic Drum Sets

They won’t be accepted by everyone who dislikes the digitization of music. Some people will always prefer hand-made drums and consider them the ‘real thing’. However, most musicians have gotten used to electronic drum kits at this point. They’re not that new. Even in studios, electronic drum kits are often the drum kit of choice.

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